From bedroom to BGST HQ2 - Boys Get Sad Too

From bedroom to BGST HQ2

If you’ve followed us for a while, or even had a look at our site, chances are you’d have read that the concept of Boys Get Sad Too started in a notebook. From the first t shirt in 2018 to the present day, a lot has changed. 

BGST was started in a bedroom by Kyle Stanger. After scribbling those 4 words in a notepad, they were forgotten about until he came across them again in 2018. The power of them struck him and it was here that the concept began. He ordered a t shirt with the same scribble printed across and posted it on Facebook, offering the garment for his friends and family to purchase and planned on fulfilling them on a made-to-order basis. The profits went to Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) charity, who aim to fight against male suicide and bring awareness to the cause. After a limited run on a basic website created for free, the support was overwhelming and soon, Kyle found himself putting in orders for more and more units. 

For a while, Boys Get Sad Too was run from that very bedroom. Over time, however, stock crept into the living room, then the conservatory, until eventually, there were shelving units covering any available wall space in his family home. With clothing taking over every room, he quickly realised… He needed an office. The hunt began and eventually, in 2020, Boys Get Sad Too moved into our very first office space. 

The relief of having so much space didn’t last for long and just a few months later, we realised a bigger, brighter and better office was needed. Luckily, there was a larger space available just a few doors down and in  March 2021, we moved in to HQ2. With the help of family and friends, our garments found a new home and we found more space to work. 

It is HQ2 that we have had some of our proudest (and most frustrating!) moments. We’ve laughed, cried, felt SERIOUSLY overwhelmed by all the work we have to do, but overall, we wouldn’t have it any other way. We face something new every day and BGST remains a family-run business - the people that were there at the start are the ones who dedicate time, patience and love into bringing that scribble to life.


Great thing your doing guys highlighting the men do suffer in silence when there is actually help out there.

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