How do we have


  • We help CALM answer life-saving phone calls

    With each item bought, 10% of pre-tax profits are donated to CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) Charity. CALM offer life-saving help to people who call or text them and do incredible work raising awareness through campaigns.

  • We’ve got a community of people who care

    The BGST family is full of incredible people (over 50,000!) who all have one goal: breaking the stigma around mental health. This has brought people from all over the world together and through our socials, they can find support and share encouragement and resources, too.

  • Encourages open conversation

    Our slogan is a conversation starter and we’ve had feedback from our community that shows it really does encourage people to open up. From family members finally understanding to strangers starting conversations, there have been so many times that we’ve heard stories to prove this.

  • We’re planning big things…

    Through the ongoing support of our customers, we’ve now reached a point where we are putting our time and resources into our own initiatives. Alongside what we already do, we’ll be kicking things off by funding a mental health course that’ll be free for our audience, run by an expert in the field. This will be designed to give people the tools to work through their mental health.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Gordon Marshall
BGST - 01

Bought for my son and wasn't too sure he'd like it (he's not normally into prints on t-shirts) but he saw it, loved it, and put it straight on. He then went to meet up with friends and the t-shirt provoked conversation, particularly around one friend who's older sibling committed suicide not long ago. This is more that a fashion statement.
Product is soft to the touch and the fit is good.


Perfect in every way! Fit, shape, design are all amazing. Then on top of that the message and the ethos behind the brand is just the best.

R Royle
Love these new designs

Bought this T-shirt for DJing and have worn on holiday. Love the design and the quality is spot on.
Always get asked questions about BGST when wearing their clothing and enjoy putting people on to the website and telling them the backstory.
Great work and looking forward to further ranges


The tshirt is so soft! And the quality of the print is amazing. 12/10 will be buying more shirts

S Vaz
Love the barbed wire design

Nothing cuts sharper or deeper than barbed wire. Just like life sometimes. But despite our cuts and bruises we can’t stay down. We have to keep fighting. Love this design it holds a deeper meaning.