How do we have


  • We help CALM answer life-saving phone calls

    With each item bought, 10% of pre-tax profits are donated to CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) Charity. CALM offer life-saving help to people who call or text them and do incredible work raising awareness through campaigns.

  • We’ve got a community of people who care

    The BGST family is full of incredible people (over 50,000!) who all have one goal: breaking the stigma around mental health. This has brought people from all over the world together and through our socials, they can find support and share encouragement and resources, too.

  • Encourages open conversation

    Our slogan is a conversation starter and we’ve had feedback from our community that shows it really does encourage people to open up. From family members finally understanding to strangers starting conversations, there have been so many times that we’ve heard stories to prove this.

  • We’re planning big things…

    Through the ongoing support of our customers, we’ve now reached a point where we are putting our time and resources into our own initiatives. Alongside what we already do, we’ll be kicking things off by funding a mental health course that’ll be free for our audience, run by an expert in the field. This will be designed to give people the tools to work through their mental health.

Customer Reviews

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Simon Espley


Gets the message out

To help with fitting since I had to return a size. I'm female, around 5'4 and size 10 kinda hourglass, the small seems to be the best fit for those struggling to decide.. If I got extra small it'd be too small on hips and arms for me - but extra small might work for an average size 8. It is a standard boxy male fit, it's a nice quality sweatshirt. I hope that helps a bit and saves the cost and wait for the return/exchange. The only sweat I could see with actual info on what Boys Get Sad Too is, so it's good for that. I'm hoping it wears in after a couple of washes and has a more natural shape. It's great for getting the message out that people can ask for help. I saw it in action at work - someone getting help after seeing a BGST top, so it works.

Stuart Lyle

Lovely design, nice print, good sizing and fit. Love it.


Really great quality and a great cause. Bought another sweatshirt as was super impressed.

Stacey K
You need to buy this

Absolutely love the sweater, very good quality not at all like some cheap brands that are misshaped and scratchy
I will def be buying again….
Loads of comments about it due to the pizza logo leading to talking about the charity and message it sends! Fab for raising awareness 👍💙