Let's Talk Mental with Seye Adelekan - Boys Get Sad Too

Let's Talk Mental with Seye Adelekan

Welcome to our brand new series, 'Let's Talk Mental'. Each week, we're asking the members of our community the same set of questions. We hope to highlight the differences and similarities between us all when it comes to mental health. 


This week, we're bringing you answers from Seye Adelekan, bassist, musician and singer-songwriter, best known for his work as the live bassist for Gorillaz.

What struggles have you faced with your mental health?

I have struggled with depression, agoraphobia and self harming. Exasperated by addiction, those were some of the mental health hurdles I have fought over the years.

How has your perception of mental health changed over time?

I realise that mental health should be looked after in the same way you look after your physical health. And also that no matter what gender you are or if you’re gendered at all, we ALL get touched by mental health issues


How do you work through your bad days?

Thankfully I have an awesome partner who I can talk to about anything so she’s always a good port of call but in general I would say, not hitting it up. Bad days happen and they always will, need to sit with the feelings, talk to somebody and weather the storm

What brings you joy right now?

Doing my Boogaloo Radio show on Saturday afternoons. I get to put on 2 hours of 80s tunes of all genres and discover new songs each week. That has got me listening to music for fun again since music is my job, I don’t often sit and listen to stuff that much.


What message would you give to your younger self?

Be kind to yourself and admit you don’t know things.


Do you have any advice for those struggling?

I am no mental health professional but the most basic and best thing I know is that life is a team sport, you can only go so far trying to do this alone. Talk to someone about whatever it is that hurts or is on your mind. Bottling things up only rots, it never goes away on its own.


How do you think we can help others become more open about their mental health?

By being open ourselves. There is nothing more infectious than another persons courage. If you offer up your vulnerability, someone else who is desperate for help but feels like they can’t say anything just might get the motivation to take that important step and seek help.

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