Our Planet Pledge


We know the impact that packaging can have on our environment. That’s why all of our packaging is eco friendly, meaning it’s free from toxins and allergens and releases fewer carbon emissions during production. We are also extremely proud that our bags are 100% recyclable, meaning when our packaging comes to the end of its lifecycle they won’t end up in landfill.

We don’t include paper returns slips in our parcels, as we know how much paper waste this can generate. We have online returns information and encourage our customers to repurpose paper to notify us of their return requirements. 



We are 100% committed to not only having a meaningful front facing message but to also being a sustainable fashion brand. This means that our clothing is designed, manufactured & distributed in ways that are environmentally friendly. We also value social welfare and worker rights. We make all our garments to the highest quality to make sure that they have a long life cycle and can be enjoyed for many years.

  • We pay fair wages and all factories we work with are sweatshop free
  • We use 100% organic cotton where we can
  • All printed and embroidered garments are done in the UK, supporting UK businesses
  • We use eco-friendly water based inks for our screen printed items
  • Any items that don’t make it past our quality control are donated to a local homeless charity who support people in need

We have made these changes a priority and they are fundamental to our brand, so our supporters can use our products to make a statement and feel assured that they are making good environmental choices supporting us.