People To Lean On

If one day you are left feeling that you need support there is nothing to be ashamed of. There are loads of great organisations purely set up to get you back on your feet. Below we have collated a list of a few that we think you will find helpful if you need them.

You are not alone and things will get better. People love and care about you. Don't suffer in silence and try to be as open about your feelings as you can.
5pm - Midnight 365 days a year helpline & Webchat  - CALM ZONE
Mental Health resources and information - MENTAL HEALTH FOUNDATION
Support after Suicide -  SUPPORT AFTER SUICIDE
24 hour 365 days a week helpline - SAMARITANS
24 hour text line - GIVE US A SHOUT
In person talking groups - ANDYS MAN CLUB
Mental Health related listening - Mindset by Dave Podcast 
National Health Service Mental Health Information - NHS
These are not all the great mental health resources that are available for you to use, just a selection of some of our favourites